Day trip to Kuntum Farmfield in Bogor

If you want to get back to nature, and see how animals and food are farmed organically, then you could take a day trip to Kuntum Farmfield in Bogor. I’ve been to a few other attractions in the Jakarta area, and I was curious to know how this would compare to Scientia Square Park

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Visiting the farm


It’s located not far from the toll road, but turn left, away from the Kebun Raya, on the road which eventually leads to Puncak. The entrance is not that easy to see, and there’s no obvious sign, but using Waze or Google maps should get you there just fine.


The farm is about 20 hectares of sloping land mixed farming land and aims to combine a demonstration of modern organic farming, with traditional Indonesian garden agriculture and a visitors centre and petting zoo.

Most of the things you can find on the Indonesian dinner table are growing here, and it’s really good to get insight into what might be growing (other than rice) on a typical farm.


The petting zoo


The area is laid out in a kind of loop which, after the entrance area and cafe, guides you through a series of fishponds, and into a small animal centre. The first thing my child saw was a lamb, and she fed it with some bits of grass. You can buy feed for the animals and fish at this centre, and each item costs about 5,000Rp. We bought fish food, chicken/duck/goose food, grass for guinea pigs and rabbits, and milk for the calves.

My daughter enjoyed petting the guinea pigs and rabbits, even though they were enormous.

Next we bought some milk and had a go at feeding the cattle in the stalls. After that we meandered through the rest of the animals area, looking at ducks, geese, chickens and fish ponds.

Look at the Gallery


If you want to, you can hire fishing rods and tree your luck, but it might be more fun to hire a small pool into which the staff add about 20 cm of water and a few bucket loads of fish. If you manage to catch any, in the baskets they provide, you can take them home for supper!

Horse riding

The market garden is extensive and eventually wends it’s way down to a horse riding area. Zafira was keen to ride a horse, and wanted to go alone, so we bought a ticket for 30,000Rp and off she went, under guidance, around a looping circuit.

There’s lots of fruit trees, and I saw figs, guava, and many other fruits.

Dig your own vegetables

We spoke to one of the staff about some Ubi (sweet potatoes) and he took us off to where the mature ones were and we had a go at digging them out with our bare hands.

You can wash all your fresh organic produce at a special area that’s near the entrance and then they will weigh it and you can pay for it at the cashier.

Cafe and gift shop

After a few hours viewing the animals and buying the goods, we visited the cafe for asinan and fried bananas.  Asinan is an Indonesian fruit salad, with the emphasis on sour fruits and spicy sauce. It really tastes good! The fried bananas were also topped with a spicy powder which gave them a bit of a kick too.  

A day trip to Kuntum Farmfield in Bogor, overall


A day trip to Kuntum Farmfield in Bogor is a family outing. It’s probably best if you want somewhere to take the kids where you can help them learn about animals, agriculture and nature.  Remember that a lot of the attractions are outside, and it will either be raining or burning sunshine, so an umbrella will be useful. I’ve also found that where there are plants and animals, there are mosquitos, so dress and lotion up. 


All in all though, it’s a good day out. We could have spent a lot longer there than the three hours we had, because we certainly didn’t see and do everything, although I do get accused of taking way too long in places like this!  I also appreciate and support the ideology of the farm and hope it continues to be successful. My mother joked the if you stick a pencil in the ground in Java, it will grow, because the soil is so fertile.  It’s easy to get a very nostalgic view of what the area around here must have been like several hundred years ago, and it’s not surprising that a complex cultural system grew up in an environment which supports such diverse agriculture. 

If you’ve been on a day trip to Kuntum FarmField in Bogor and want to tell me about it, or suggest another place to visit with my family, let me know at or comment below. 

Fact file

  • Entrance: 40,000Rp 
  • Packets of animal feed / milk
  • Horse rides
  • Ubi
  • Cafe

To go on a day trip to Kuntum Farmfield in Bogor.

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