Go Wet Waterpark Grand Wisata Bekasi

We had a family and friends day out, and went to Go Wet Waterpark Grand Wisata Bekasi. It’s a large park on the outskirts of Jakarta. We got some discount tickets from Groupon , which made the entrance fee a reasonable price (99K) and all met up at the waterpark.

Get a pagoda

We arrived at 8:15am to find a large family gathering already there! This turned out to be Diamond Milk and they had brought hundreds of employees with them. For those that don’t know, work is considered in a similar way to family, and so work outings are often called family gatherings.

As a result of the large group, we were told that we might not get a pagoda (150K/day) and I was scared we were going to be spending the entire day in the burning sun, in Bekasi!


Luckily we got one though and, after security and getting a yellow wristband, set out our things in Pagoda 11, towards the back of the park. The changing area was nice and clean and the staff were friendly.

First impressions


In the 7.5 hectare waterpark, there are two main slide towers and two smaller ones. There’s also a lazy river and a wave pool. Finally. there’s also a restaurant area, a viewing platform, and a gift shop.



First, we went on the four slide tower which contained Go!Fast, Go!Flash Go!Speed and Go!Sprint. These were three smaller slides and one large one. We went Yellow first, then Purple, then Green. You can use either one or two person tubes for these. Getting the right balance between excitement, safety and danger is important for these types of slide, and I guess they were about spot on. Fun and fast without being scary or dangerous. The attendants told us the yellow slide was fastest, but I really liked the purple slide.


Lunch offered the usual theme park suspects, chicken and rice, masakan padang, noodles and pizza. We shopped about a bit and eventually had pizza and some noodles.



None of the food would win any prizes and I feel there must be a market for a higher standard of restaurant in places like this, especially as you are forbidden (and we had our bags searched on entry) to bring your own food. Maybe it’s really quiet during weekdays, which makes it hard to operate a quality food outlet. It was disappointing to find the large noodle bowl had a much smaller bowl sitting inside it, effectively making it half full!

Back to the slides

Then we went to the two tower slide. The yellow spinner was kind of fun, and probably the steepest. The slides generated a huge amount of shreiking from the sliders. Like a rollercoaster.



I went to meet my wife and baby and had a few slides around the kids areas. There were some water cannons and kids and adults playing and wallowing. It was good fun to wait for the giant buckets to fill up and then empty, showering water all over the place.


Float in the lazy river

We had a few loops round the lazy river, mum, baby and me, all in the same ring. It’s nice to take it easy and soak up the atmosphere, although a few people seemed to be getting quite carried away with the PDA’s! Shocking!



I went with two others to tackle the large three person slides. The green and purple and the red slide are perhaps the main features of the park. Pretty good fun! The go quite fast, especially with my weight in the tubes, and you slide high up the side of the large tunnels. High enough to make you feel a bit vulnerable, but not too bad.



Then I had a go in the wave pool. It was odd trying to swim in the artificial wave while getting bumped in the face by floaters in tubes, but it was fun too.

By about 4:00pm, most people seemed to be heading for the exits and the staff were piling the tubes and tidying the place up. I understand it was open to 8:30pm, so if you wanted it to yourself, coming late would seem like a good idea! As a white guy in a foreign country, I can guess that most people here don’t travel much, and if you are European you will attract stares and comments, possibly make babies cry, and so you might want to carefully consider what you wear.

Overall, I would say Go Wet Waterpark Grand Wisata Bekasi is a good day out. You can easily spend the whole day here, although the costs start to creep up if you are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. The slides are fun and the water is clean.

Good things:

  1. Family fun something for everyone.
  2. Easy to get around.
  3. Clean.
  4. Well attended, lots of lifeguards.
  5. Feels safe.

Bad things

  1. Poor food
  2. 10,000 each time you open a locker, not for the day
  3. Some slides hard to access without walking far – especially for the kids slides.
  4. Need to get the rings at the bottom of the slides, not the foot of the stairs.
  5. Not much shade, although this will improve as the trees grow.

Go! Wet Waterpark Grand Wisata Bekasi can be found at:

24 thoughts on “Go Wet Waterpark Grand Wisata Bekasi

  1. This takes me to an amusement-waterpark in my city in india. Ita called the wonderla.
    Uber colorful, just like the pictures you have put up.
    What is ironic is the fact that food is almost never too great at amusement parks. I don’t know why, but thats just the case, sadly.
    Neverthless, well informed article my friend 😊

  2. Looks like a really fun outing with your family! Waterparks sometimes make me nervous because of their cleanliness, but it’s great to learn that this one is fun and safe and also found in Southeast Asia where I am planning to go in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    • I know what you mean, but actually I imagine waterparks are about the same anywhere in the world. The wave pool was busy enough to make me nervous, but no-where near as busy as some that I’ve seen on internet video in places like China and Japan!

  3. Being out under the hot sun for the whole day is really off putting. I’m Malaysian, if you can’t tell yet. HAHAHA… The theme parks here also do not allow us to take along food or even plain water!

  4. Looks like fun for families with kids, yet I’d prefer the beach instead, especially when living on an island 😉 (On the other hand – are there any kids-friendly beaches nearby?)

    • Hmm lots of countries have decent leisure facilities these days. I’m not sure comparing them is something I’d spend a lot of time on. It’s more about how you increase the good times with friends and family wherever you are that’s important for me!

  5. Nice! Ive always had phobia with water-park as im so so terrified of the cleanliness! But this place seems clean and looks like you had a great time with your family.

    • I’m a lot less worried about the dangers of cleanliness while swimming, but I’ve swum in many different places across the world, and was a competition swimmer when I was young. I’ve spent thousands of hours in various waters and not caught anything serious yet, although some of the reports of water analysis you can find opn google are pretty scary!

  6. If the water park is significant enough, I’ll go out of my way to enjoy them. My last trip to water theme park was… 10 years ago. Water rides at the top of the building (the theme park was built on top of the shopping complex building) has been shut down indefinitely after a kid died when she fell from a water slide. That incident left me shaken and promised myself not to go to any water theme park anymore.

    • The line between excitement and danger is a very narrow one. I do make sure to check the structures for rust and damage, and sharp parts or other hazards before I have a go. I’m from an adventure sports background, so compared to mountaineering, rock climbing, or MTB, the water parks feel pretty tame.

  7. looks like a great place for families with young children to go to! So many slides and activities to do in this water park!

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