HelloMisterNet tries a cow bone called Kaledo

So what does HelloMisterNet tries a cow bone called Kaledo mean? Fresh from moving house, I went to Kaledo Narassa in Tebet, Jakarta last week to try their famous Kaledo dish. What is it? Watch the video and see…


Kaledo is a soup made from the foot bone of a cow. It’s a clear soup that claims to be from Central Sulawesi, although these days you can find it in many other places. The taste of the soup is kind of frothy and salty, with a bitter tang, which is enhanced by chilli and lime.

Kaledo - Cow foot soup - HelloMisterNet tries a cow bone called Kaledo
Cow foot soup – Kaledo

The highlight of the dish is the bone marrow of the joint, which is either scooped out with a long spoon, or sucked out using a straw, depending on the size of the bone. It’s probably not for everyone, especially vegetarians!

The restaurant is clean and the staff are friendly. It’s owned by a family from Palu in Central Sulawesi, so it can certainly claim to be authentic.

I’d recommend visiting here if you want to try Kaledo. There are of course other places, but this one has a good reputation.

This is my first official video channel post. Let me know if you think HelloMisterNet tries a cow bone called Kaledo is a success!

Have you ever tried Kaledo? Tell me about it at mystory@hellomister.net

I wrote a bit about Rawon Setan in Surabaya, but if you have any other recommendations for unusual foods then comment below!

Fact File

Kaledo Narassa is located in Tebet, South Jakarta. The Kaledo costs about 40,000Rp. It’s open until 10pm

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