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My readership is approximately 40% Indonesia, 25% American, 25% British and 10% others. You can check Number of hits, visitors and bandwidth.

I am open to offers for product reviews, invitations to events and destinations within Indonesia or possibly SE Asia.

Contact me at and I will send the media pack and we can talk.


Kit and technology


I’m currently using a Sony RX10 camera which I decided to buy after a lot of thinking that went something like.

  • Durable – no swapping lenses to attract dust, water and sand.
  • Decent build quality – the tropics can warp rubber and plastic pretty quickly.
  • High picture quality
  • Decent zoom, decent aperture setting.
  • Decent video and sound
  • RAW

In retrospect I am happy with this camera for now. It does have limitations in areas like autofocus, and noise at high ISO, but it’s small and light, and relatively inconspicuous.


At the moment, it’s a Nissin i40. I’m fairly happy with this flash because of it’s small size and relatively high power to size ratio. It’s never going to be great at long range in open space, and recharge rates are slow.


Sirui T-025X. I bought this because I wanted a travel tripod and I have a love/hate relationship with it. When it’s fully extended it is quite wobbly and hard to set firm, even with weight attached. On the plus side, it’s really quick and easy to deploy, totally small and light, and has a pretty good ball head.

Image and video processing

Acer Aspire S3 for processing and editing. It’s looking a bit old now, and the integrated graphics card, which I chose because of reliability, has real trouble managing high definition video.

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Legal and information

All photos and writing on this site are my own work. I own and hold the rights. Please respect peoples work.

If you would like high resolution RAW versions of photos, please contact me.

I reserve the right to add, remove, change, edit content as I see fit, but please let me know

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