Kids play and family outing to PlayParq Bintaro

After the razzmatazz of Pancasila Day, we went on a family day out to Playparq Bintaro. It’s a small play area in South Jakarta. At the park, there are both indoor and outdoor, and wet and dry activities. On weekends, it costs 100,000Rp to get in, and on weekdays 35,000Rp. Anyway, this blog post is to support the youtube video I made

Playparq Outdoor Section

The main feature is a large climbing and slide combination linked by tubes and ramps. It’s pretty cool, and my kids and their cousins went crazy on it, running up and down and sliding on the slides. They found a couple of the areas quite high and a bit scary though. 

The next area they explored was the baby play area. It is covered in astroturf, so it feels quite soft, and there are a few slides and swings, and a mini flying-fox.

 The wet area is towards the entrance and has a slide and climbing set, and a few pools with fountains and spray guns. The kids probably spent the most time in this area, splashing in the water, and enjoying the slides and pools. 

Playparq Indoor area

The indoor area has a small soft play set. There’s a network of connected tunnels and a couple of slides, and also some video game rides.

There’s a cafe area and a large indoor seating area, and a fairly extensive menu including spaghetti Bolognese, and fried bananas. I had coffee too, of course, which was a decent cup.

Playparq Bintaro Recommendation

Overall, taking kids to Playparq is not a bad idea. The place was quite quiet and I reckon that’s because it’s a little bit too expensive for a weekend visit, especially with other attractions that have opened more recently and competition from soft playgrounds in malls. Our kids spent about four hours there, and by the end were exhausted and sleepy, which was exactly the idea. The cafe is not going to win any restaurant prizes, but the snacks and coffee I had were perfectly fine and the staff were friendly.   


I’ve been to a few other family places near Jakarta if you are looking for ideas. Try Kuntum Farmfields or Scientia Square Park as well

Have you been to PlayParq? What do you think of softplay as a concept? Let me know in comments or email


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    • Yeah. It’s pretty good here. I think there are quite a few similar places, and a lot of people are going to places like Bounce Street these days too.

  1. I understand that Indonesia has quite a number of theme parks. I am surprised that the difference between weekday and weekend fare is so huge. I’d definitely choose to go on a weekday! Cheaper and smaller crowd.

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