Family day at Waterbom Jakarta in Pantai Indah Kapuk

Waterbom Jakarta

Jakarta can be very hot. There are few better ways to keep cool, entertain the kids and have fun than going to a water park. We went to Waterbom Jakarta, and had a swim, a float, a splash and a slide. I have also been to Go Wet in Grand Wisata if you want to make a comparison. Oh! I made a youtube video as well!

Location and ticket costs

Waterbom Jakarta is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. It’s fairly easy to access the park from the toll roads, so traffic should not be too much of a problem. The car park is large and secure. 

Tickets cost RP280,000 for adults and RP220,000 for kids, but we managed to get some free tickets. You can search on Fave for discounts and special offers as well. The park opens at 9:00am and closes at 9:00pm so it’s possible to do a long day here, but most people arrive about lunchtime and leave late afternoon. 

On arrival, you can expect to be searched thoroughly, and you won’t be allowed to bring food and drink from outside into the park, although baby food is OK. We hired a gazebo, which gives you somewhere shady to hang out, leave your stuff, sleep and watch. The gazebo’s cost RP150,000/200,000.

Pools and facilities

There are two slide areas for kids, and two large slide towers, with a third for the special slide. The special slide is the Hairpin! Hair-raising would be a better name. It’s a tight dark tunnel followed by two enormous drops! The best ride in the place but you need a minimum of two people to ride the tube! In total, there are nine slides for adults, and many for younger kids. 


There is a main pool, with a volleyball net, and a lazy river by which you can float around the site, passing the wave pool and lagoon. 

There are lockers and a clean changing area, and you also need to hire a wristband here, which you top up with cash or cards to buy food on site. 

Slide Action Video!

Critical Review

What’s good about this place is the range of activities and attentiveness of the staff. They were straight onto misbehaviour in the pool, and also helped to stop smokers outside smoking areas. What could be improved is that I saw at least four people spitting on the poolside. It’s disgusting. The other thing is that they don’t enforce the swimsuits rule very strongly, so you can see people in the pool in their underpants, or even day clothes, not just kids either.

Waterbom Jakarta Overall

In summary, Waterbom Jakarta is a pretty good place to hang out. Generally it’s not too busy, so you don’t have to wait more than about 10 minutes for slides. The slides are excellent. Fast, and potentially dangerous if you messed about, yet safe if you follow the guidelines. The food quality is what you’d expect from large leisure sites, and the food stall I went to was suffering a procedural meltdown later in the day. It’s not the cheapest day out because the ticket cost for families, combined with food can quickly add up. There is a large team of people keeping it clean, although the problems of unthoughtful trash disposal and personal hygiene can grab your attention quite easily.  

If you are looking for other Jakarta things to do, I have also visited MACAN Gallery, Art:One, Ruci Gallery, Scientia Park, PlayParq Bintaro, and tried Kaledo.

36 thoughts on “Family day at Waterbom Jakarta in Pantai Indah Kapuk

  1. Looks good to me. We have just had our ferry crossing to Spain cancelled because of force 9 gales in the Bay of Biscay – so we have avoided that water experience! Keep up the good work Boy-daddy

    • Yup – the only thing that would have improved it would have been a drink holder on the ring in the lazy river, and a nice G&T to put in the holder. Otherwise it’s a great day out. I hope you get across the sea soon!

  2. I love waterparks, and wish I had come here when I was in Jakarta for 2 nights. Those slides look a lot of fun, especially if you have a family. Shame to read about the people spitting; that would really put me off!

    • Hell yeah. It is more than mildly off-putting. Luckily the staff are pretty much all over the place with brushes and mops. I wish people would think first.

  3. The waterbom in Jakarta looks so much fun especially now when I have a two years old daughter. Although the activities looks fun I do get disgust by the fact that people spit around swimming pool! I have been to Indonesia before and I know how much they like to spit a bit everywhere. I am origin from Thailand so I am use to seeing people wearing ordinary clothes to swim…must be very heavy!

    • Yeah, they are great places to take your kids. Actually there is stuff to do from very young to quite old (like me). Fun for all the family. I would not focus too much on the spitting. It is disgusting, but overall, it’s a great place to go, and I bet there is spit in every swimming pool in the world!

    • The lazy river is quite cool, but I’m a slides guy myself! You can find personal hygiene issues in any pool. I used to swim a lot in the UK, and often the pool is a film of oils and beauty products because people fail to shower before they get in. So pool hygiene should be encouraged globally.

  4. Waterbom Jakarta looks the perfect place to enjoy a family day. Swimming, jumping sliding, grabbing some food on the way… Pity the hygiene… I suppose perfection does not belong to this world…

  5. Looks like Waterbom Jakarta is a fun place for the whole family. The range of activities like swimming, tubing, splashing and a sliding can fill a whole day. Like you, I wouldn’t like the spitting in pools and not wearing proper swimming attire. I wanted to know the equivalent dollar costs though.

  6. This looks like such a cool water park to take the entire family to! I always love going to water parks, especially in the summer time. I think places like this can really bring out the inner kid in all of us! I love that there are a variety of facilities for people of all ages, not just for kids! That water volleyball game looks fun!

  7. I grew up next to a pretty popular water park in Los Angeles and have a soft spot in my heart for them. Although the thought of having people in their underwear and street clothes does freak me out a little. I would love to ride along that lazy river for hours!

  8. What a fun way to spend the day as a family!! I loved lazy rivers as a kid and now that we are about to have our first, we might have to introduce him to water parks. Can’t wait to make memories just like this!

    • I think it’s the same group of operators/investors. There are a few others dotted around Indonesia. I think they get the right balance between fun/excitement/danger, and the facilities are pretty good!

  9. Waterbom has fun activities: swimming, tubing, and the lazy river. It was nice to hear they enforce no smoking. I appreciate your candid review about the spitting in pools and not wearing proper swimming attire.

  10. I’m a big fan of waterparks in general. This one seems quite chill in comparison to the sort I went to growing up. Your honesty is so appreciated though. It’s rare to find that in reviews these days!

  11. Waterbom looks like a great place to bring your family on a hot summer day. I love water parks but this particular one looks a bit too crowded for my taste. However, I can see why it is popular with families, with all those cool slides and the lazy river to relax on while going around in a floatie. I think that swimwear should be enforced by the park though, as it’s a water park in the end.

  12. In a city that is marred by huge traffic jams, this park is such a relief. It looks like a perfect gateway for a fun weekend for a family. I haven’t been here but i love the waterparks in South East Asia.

    • Well if your friend does go, and has kids, you will find quite a few things on my blog which might help! Let me know if you need anything else though.

  13. That place looks so much fun! I can’t image a better place that waterpark in a hot day in Indonesia ! And it looks pretty safe for kids ! It’s also good that it’s not so busy so I am sure you can enjoy it even more ! I would love to try that tubbing ! 🙂 great photos !

  14. Your little ones(if they agree to be called that, lol) must have had a lot of fun. There’s enough facilities to cater for their adventurous soul. I wonder why people tend to wait to be told things they should do and not. Common sense should tell them not to spit in the pool and wear their underpants on. Just sad. They are making the efforts of the management at Waterbom Jakarta go in waste. I’ll hard over to watch the video. It’s going to be so much fun.

  15. I was in Jakarta last year and never heard of this! It looks like such a great water park to take the family, I love the look of that lazy river 🙂 It’s good to know they enforce smoking and other rules, spitting on the poolside is disgusting!

    • Well, I hope next time you come there’s enough on this blog to make it a really valuable resource! You are right about spitting, but as a competitive swimmer I can assert that every pool in the world has snot in it, and at WaterBom the staff are incredibly quick to clean up!

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