Why Hello Mister? Read on and learn!

Why Hello Mister?

The cry “Hello Mister” is regularly heard by all white-skinned people as they travel around Indonesia. It’s important to remember that Indonesian people often use the third person when they are speaking, and formal forms of address are common.

For example, I could say in English: I am going to the market, and in Indonesian: Dan is going to the market. They mean the same. Saya ke pasar or Dan ke pasar.

With that in mind, Hello Mister is simply a form of address. When you get to know people better, they will stop calling you Mister, and you will become Om, and Bapak or Mas, the same as them.

Generally speaking “Hello Mister” is not meant to be rude, it’s simply a form of address. To lots of visitors, used to going about anonymously in their own country, it can be a reminder that you stick out like a sore thumb, or seem like a wind-up attempt from kids.

Also, people in Europe are not used to being hailed in the street, and so it seems very up front and can be irritating to visitors. If I had to offer advice to Indonesians it would be that travelers often feel uncomfortable when they are shouted at, and my advice to travelers would be to try to accept the fact that you are genuinely unusual, interesting and special, so try to enjoy it!

So to give the obvious answer to Why Hello Mister? It’s probably the one piece of English that every Indonesian person knows and it’s easy to remember for both Indonesian and English speakers.

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  1. Hello Mr.Dan!! I really like your website. And your photographs are awesome. I like photographs too but im bad at doing it (hahah) so yup~ Cya later! 😀

    • Thank you! I’m trying to learn the technical side and art of photography and writing but it’s slow going – keep practicing and learning is the most important thing. I have been taking photographs for many years, but only recently started to learn about light, form, composition and the like. There are some really good websites on how to improve your photography. You could look at http://www.diyphotography.net or http://www.digitalcameraworld.com for some good information and tutorials.

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